Kumpula Space Centre is an organisation for co-operation

  • within the Kumpula Campus
  • with other Finnish space research units
  • with Finnish Space industry
  • toward international space community

It is not a new institute or space agency.

The Director of Kumpula Space Centre is Peter Johansson (UH Department of Physics), the Deputy Directors are Minna Palmroth (FMI) and Esa Kallio (Aalto-ELEC). The personnel of the centre consists of personnel of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Helsinki and Aalto University, who work in the projects of the centre.

The Centre is supervised by the Steering Group whose members are

  • Professor Tuija Pulkkinen, Aalto University, Vice President, Research and Innovation
  • Professor Hannu Koskinen, UH Department of Physics
  • Professor Yrjö Viisanen, FMI